cs300The cashier station and system server of the Xparc system

The cashier station CS300 allows for manual cashiering of parking fees within the Xparc system. For systems of a limited scope, the cashiering station can also serve as a system server.

Due to its modular structure, the cashier station can be adapted to your system’s individual needs. The cashier station is easily operated through its touch screen. Therefore, a keyboard is not longer required.

The CS300 supports the ESC/POS-standard. This allows for the use of cashiering equipment (customer display, receipt printer, cash drawer) of other manufacturers as an alternative to the equipment provided by AXXTEQ.

To process any type of cashless payment, the cashier station supports interfaces to all common cashless transaction terminals.

Technical Specification:
Computer: CPU with min. 1.500 MHz, 1 GB RAM, Ports 4xRS232, 4x USB
Display: 12" TFT with 1028x768 pixel, Touchscreen optional
Cashless payment: Magnetic card reader for debit cards (optional), payment transaction terminal with EMV 2.0-standard
Barcode-scanner CCD hand scanner or omnidirectional table scanner (optional)
Customer display: 2x20 characters, with stand, rotatable
Receipt printer: Thermal printer, paper width 60mm
Cash drawer: Standard drawer or flip-top-drawer
Ticket printer: Thermal printer for paper tickets 54mm x 85mm, 170g/ m², concertina fold
Communication: Ethernet, 100 MBit/s (100BaseT);
communication protocol: TCP/IP
Power supply: 110...240 Volt, 50/60Hz, 200W
Xparc - software suite: Adding and editing of parking tariffs
Administration of season parkers
Generation of cashiering reports and statistics
Monitoring of operation
Cashiering of parking fees
Production of special tickets e.g. lost ticket, congress ticket or value card etc.