Lane terminals LT300 and LT310 with the innovative functionality of the Xparc system


The entrance and exit terminals are the system’s first and last interaction point with the customer. The lane terminals LT300 on the entrance and LT310 for the exit provide the perfect mix of the Xparc system’s complete functionality and an extremely sturdy design that performs well at every location. All that is realized at an affordable price.


For effortless user interaction, the lane terminals are equipped with a well-lit text display, which allows for good readability even in direct sunlight. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.


At the entrance, short-term parkers get a paper ticket with barcode printing showing the place and time of entrance. This ticket is also used for identification at the cashier stations and the exits. Season parkers can either get a plastic card with barcode printing or a transponder card with state-of-the-art Mifare technology. This option allows for contact-free access control.


Communication with the operating staff is handled using an intercom featuring modern Voice-over-IP technology. Call requests can be forwarded to stationary or mobile telephones. Additionally the barrier can be opened by the operator’s phone.


To allow for the deployment in environments frequently used by trucks, the LT300/310 product line also includes a special truck terminal of extended height with two terminal interfaces for easy use directly from both the truck’s cab and from a regular car.


Technical Specification:
Computer: Industrial PC, CPU min. 1.500 MHz, 512 Mbyte RAM
Display: LC Display
Media: Barcode tickets, Mifare transponder, external card media
Ticket printer (LT300): Thermal printer for paper tickets 54mm x 85mm, 170g/ m², concertina fold
Ticket retractor (LT310): Motorized ticket retractor to collect used tickets
Barcode-scanner: CCD industrial scannerwith solid-state-technology; optional 2. scanner for 4-way-identification
Card reader (Option): Reader for Mifare transponders (Season cards/ value cards), alternatively motorized hybrid reader for magnetic cards, chip cards and transponder cards
Intercom (Option): Digital intercom (Voice-over-IP-technology), compatible with SIP-standard (option)
Digital camera (Option): Digitalcamera as extension to the intercom to allow for 2-way audio and video communication
Heating (Option): Device heating 100W with freeze guard
Communication: Ethernet, 100 MBit/s (100BaseT);
TCP/IP  (for data, voice and video)
Power supply: 110…240 Volt, 50/60Hz, 150W
Cabinet: Galvanized sheet steel, powder coated RAL9005/RAL9006

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