Intelligent Camera for the automatic Identification of Vehicle Number Plates

The intelligent camera system LP-CAM allows for the automatic identification and analysis of vehicle license plates in a very compact unit.

LP-CAM integrates all hardware and software components needed for the automatic license plate recognition in a robust IP66 protected cabinet: a high definition camera, a powerful infrared flood light, a microcomputer with TCP/IP interface and powerful OCR software.

The special OCR software of the LP-CAM directly reads the license plate and determines the country of origin of this plate. No additional external software package is needed to perform this task.

The camera is pre-configured for a reading distance of 3..6m. This allows for simple and easy installation and adjustment of the camera at site.

LP-CAM offers a local web interface for all configuration and diagnostics purposes. Again, no other software is needed.



Technical Specification
Power Supply 24 V=, 10W
Communication: Ethernet, TCP/IP 10/100 MBit/s
Trigger: Schalteingang (opto-isoliert) oder automatisch
Configuration: Web interface via Ethernet
Data-Interface IP-Message, freely configurable via the web interface (date/time, plate number, country, image, etc.)
Number Plates: IR reflecting number plates,non-reflective plates will not be detected
Temperature range: -20°C … 55°C
Cabinet: Aluminium cast, 200 x 120 x 100 mm, IP66