The AP200 paystation is the modular automated cashiering station within the Xparc system.
The paystation can be used for paying parking fees but also for the sale of special products such as weekly or monthly tickets.

A coin and a bank note acceptor are available for the collection of cash.
The paystation can optionally be equipped with a reader for credit and debit cards allowing for the use of cashless payment.
To comply with international banking standards, EMV 2 compliant payment terminals may be fitted on request.

As an option, a banknote dispenser with capacity of up to 1.000 notes is available.

By  standard, the AP200 is equipped with a barcode scanner for processing paper tickets.
If required, it may be configured with an additional reader for transponder media such as transponder cards.

Technical Specifications:
Computer: Industrial PC, Intel CPU with1.500 MHz,
1 GByte RAM
Display: 15" TFT Touch Screen, 1024x768 Pixels
Coin System:

Coin acceptor for 6 coin denominations

Hopper subsystem with 4 Mk4 hoppers (all self-filling) for coin capacity up to 2,000 coins per denomination

Notes: Note acceptor for the acceptance of six notes in local currency
Note dispenser for one note denomination as an option
Cashless Payment: Reader for debit cards (option)
Support for EMV 2 compliant payment terminals for all relevant markets
Ticket Printer: Thermal printer for paper tickets 54mm x 85mm, 170g/ m², fan-folding
Intercom: Digital voice intercom (Voice-over-IP-Technology), compatible to SIP-Standard (option)
Communication: Ethernet, 100 MBit/s (100BaseT);
communication protocol: TCP/IP
Power Supply: 110...240 Volt, 50/60Hz, 200W
Case: Sheet steel, galvanized, powder coated
(RAL 9007 or customer-specific)
Safe lock with 3 twist locks for a high safety level